DEMORPHED - "deformed", "disfigured", a reflection of our sick society, a sinister mirror image celebrated in raw Death Metal.
Inspired by bands like Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Bloodbath or Immolation, DEMORPHED started in 2010 in Southern Germany (near Karlsruhe) with the goal to create our own vision for extreme music. We were able to share this vision with the audience in numerous shows - our highlights have been shows with Fleshcrawl, Dew Scented and Disbelief. Our first EP: The Garden of Bones was released in November 2015 and we got several very positive reviews, e.g. from Metal Hammer and Rock Hard magazine for it. Now, in the beginning of 2019 we released the Creation Of A War Machine full length album that took some time to record, but finally we are very proud of the result. From now on we will even step on the gas more brutal, soon we are starting to working on new material that will kick in the genitals for sure, so stay tuned!
Tobias R.    Frank S.    Tina G.
       Axel B.      Markus H.
GUITAR: Tobi, VOCALS: Frank, BASS: Tina, GUITAR: Axel, DRUMS: Markus